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Your Kids have enjoyed him in movies and TV for years ! Now you can excite the whole Family by bring home a Real Live Nemo Fish ( FALSE PERCULA OCELLARIS CLOWNFISH - CAPTIVE BRED ). Imagine your Children watching their very own Nemo Fish Live in the comforts of your home's Kitchen, Family Room, or even your Child's bedroom. Makes a Great First Pet or Gift for a Child or Adult !

Over Night Express Box Fee Required (each) : $24.00
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Aquatop High Clarity Glass 24G Reef Cube Nano Tank Kit w/ Protein Skimmer & Stand - Black

24 Gallon High Clarity Glass Aquarium Aquatop's all-in-one marine and reef system includes all the equipment for a successful saltwater aquarium. Easy set up and simple maintenance makes this the ideal set-up for the new or advanced hobbyist. The 24 gallon high clarity glass aquarium comes pre-drilled and includes a stand with concealed sump system.
$1,299.99 $499.99

Emperor Angelfish ( Adult) XXLarge 7" to 9"

The adult Emperor Angelfish, also called the Imperator Angelfish, has a bold, blue body covered with bright yellow horizontal stripes culminating in a bright yellow to orange caudal fin. A striking blue-black mask covers the eyes and a similarly-colored vertical band extends from the pectoral fin two-thirds of the way up the body. This band is highlighted in a sapphire-blue in front, and bright yellow, caudally. The mouth is white
$299.99 $99.99

4.4 Gal. Nutri-Seawater Natural Live Ocean Saltwater Nutrient Enriched Aquarium

Nutri-SeaWater® Aquarium Saltwater INSTANT CYCLING…NO WAITING... JUST ADD FISH!® No Mixing Required Instant New Marine Aquarium Setups More than 11,000,000 LIVE Marine Bacteria per gallon. 100% Natural Live Ocean Saltwater - "Simply The Best"
$39.99 $13.50

CaribSea Sea-Pure Purified Seawater 4.4gal

CaribSea Sea-Pure Preconditioned Seawater Pure and perfect, just as nature intended it. Sea-Pure - is real seawater and contains all the major and minor trace elements found in natural seawater in correct proportions and at the proper pH. Package Sizes: 4.4 Gallon, (#00644) Use: Marine and Reef Aquaria
$40.99 $14.74

Coralife 32Gal BioCube LED Aquarium Kit Black

The LED BioCube® kits have been improved to now include LED lighting and timer capabilities – taking it to the next level of all-inclusive aquariums.
$299.99 $269.99

Longnose Hawkfish

The Longnose Hawkfish has a white body with red striping that runs both horizontally and vertically. They have great personalities and are very interesting to watch. They are also the only Hawkfish reported to have spawned in captivity.
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Copperband Butterflyfish

The Copperband Butterflyfish, also known as the Beaked Butterflyfish, Beaked Coralfish, or Orange Stripe Butterfly, has a long, narrow nose and mouth used for hunting into crevices and holes for food. The Copperband Butterflyfish has yellow-orange vertical bands with a black edging. It has a false eyespot on the rear of the dorsal fin. This is a difficult fish to mistake for any other.
$36.99 $16.99

Eshopps Hang On Protein Skimmer PSK-100H 75-100 G. Tank

Features: Needle-wheel Impeller Removable Collection Cup Bubble Plate Slant neck Drain Outlet from Collection Cup Sicce Italy Pump (SE-200)
$206.99 $124.99

Bubble Tip Anemone

The Rose Bubble Tip Anemone is a less common form of the Bubble Tip Anemone which is often referred to as the Four-colored, Bulb Tentacle, Bulb Tip, or Bulb Anemone. At rest, the enlarged tip at the end of the tentacles is a rose to red color.
$99.99 $25.00

Deep Blue 150 XH Reef Ready Tank Black Dual Overflow 48 X 24 X 30

Model 150 X.High Reef Ready Aquarium. Built to Last, Designed to Impress. This Reef Ready Model includes dual compact corner overflow pre-filters, pre-drilled drain & return holes, complete plumbing kits, and patented Floodgate technology.
$1,200.99 $799.99

Multibar Angelfish

Among the families of marine fishes, the marine angels are some of the most beautiful, intelligent and hardly as aquarium specimens.  One principal limiting factor to their cultivation is their vast size; many get too big  for any but the largest of aquariums.  Fortunately there is a genus  Centropyge the dwarf of pygmy angel, some of species stay less than 3 inches.
$89.99 $56.00

Yellow - Clown Goby

Yellow Clown Goby (Gobiodon Okinawae)
$9.99 $3.99

Black Back Butterfly fish

The Black Back Butterflyfish, also known as the Melannotus Butterflyfish, has a white body with a series of black diagonal stripes on the sides. The fins are yellow and it has a yellow face with a black eye band
$24.99 $18.80

Falcula Butterflyfish

The Falcula Butterflyfish, also known as the Sickle Butterflyfish, is mostly white becoming yellow dorsally. It has a series of narrow black stripes on its sides, two patches of black on the dorsal side, and a black eye band.
$59.99 $17.99

Teardrop Butterflyfish

The Tear Drop Butterflyfish is a beautiful fish originating from the reefs of the Indo Pacific. They have a white base becoming yellow dorsally and on the median fins. It has a large black eyespot on its upper side and a black bar through the eyes. A black vertical stripe is also present at the posterior end. These are very colorful fish that are well suited for a larger fish only aquarium.
$34.99 $19.99

Spotband Butterflyfish

The Spotband Butterflyfish, also known as the Dot Dash Butterflyfish, Punctato Butterflyfish, or Spot-band Butterflyfish, has a yellow-tan body. As it matures, it becomes more yellow dorsally with about seven vertical dark stripes on the upper half of the body, with rows of dark spots below.
$29.99 $11.99

Burgess Butterflyfish

The Burgess' Butterflyfish is a true beauty in the industry. It originates from the deep waters of the reefs in the Western Pacific. Remaining relatively small, the Burgess' Butterflyfish is predominately black and white in color. There are three black bands that mark these fish. The first black band forms a mask covering the eyes of the fish. The last black band covers a majority of the back of the fish, giving it a unique look. They are relatively hardy fish that will add beauty to the marine aquarium.
$129.99 $86.99

Saddleback Butterflyfish

The Saddleback Butterflyfish, also known as the Saddled Butterflyfish or Saddle Butterflyfish, has a large black "saddle" with a white border on the rear upper corner of the body and dorsal fin. Orange coloration is found on the lower half of its face as well as outlining the black tail. The base color is gray with several blue-gray stripes on the lower body.
$39.99 $17.99

Pearlscale Butterflyfish

The Pearlscale Butterflyfish is another beautiful example why marine Butterflyfish remain perennial favorites among hobbyists. This gorgeous fish boosts visual interest with lively color and eye-catching, graphic patterning. The addition of this stunning specimen in your Fish Only With Live Rock (FOWLR) is sure to make your heart flutter.
$36.99 $16.99

Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish

The Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish is also known as the Yellow Zoster Butterflyfish, and occurs in large numbers among the reefs of the Indian Ocean. The fins are yellow in color, and the body is mostly white. The white coloration forms a triangle with the yellow fins, lending it its common name. The head area is black helping these fish camouflage themselves in the wild. The Pyramid Butterfly feeds upon plankton in the wild, and is safe for reef aquariums.
$59.99 $17.00

Vagabond Butterflyfish

The Vagabond Butterflyfish is primarily white with diagonal stripes forming chevron-like markings. It has a black eye band, and the dorsal, caudal, and anal fins are yellow with two black vertical bands.
$29.99 $13.99

Speckled Butterflyfish

The Speckled Butterflyfish is white or pale yellow with lots of small dark spots on the body. It has a black bar through the eye the tail is transparent. It is similar in appearance to several other species including Gunther’s Butterflyfish. It can be distinguished from other species by the back margin of anal fin.
$59.95 $13.99

Racoon Butterflyfish

The Raccoon Butterflyfish is yellow-orange, but darker on the upper half of the body. It has a black patch around its eyes, with a broad white stripe posterior to it. Two black stripes bordered in yellow reach from the white stripe to the dorsal fin.
$59.99 $24.99

Latticed Butterflyfish

The Latticed Butterflyfish, also known as the Raffle's Butterflyfish, is yellow with dark scale margins giving a lattice-like appearance. It has a black eye band and a blue patch between the eyes; the tail has a black vertical stripe.
$29.99 $14.99

Emperor Angelfish ( Juvenile)

The Emperor Angelfish (juvenile) is black with circular white and blue stripes starting at the tail. Although sought after for its colors, in captivity, the adult coloration may not be as striking or brilliant. The changing angelfish will vary in coloration and pattern as it transforms from juvenile to the adult coloration.
$89.99 $63.00

Koran Angelfish (Juvenile)

One of the most amazing things about keeping a juvenile Pomacanthus angelfish is to watch the transformation of the color pattern as it changes from a juvenile to an adult. The pigmentation of the various size classes are very different. In fact, for many years ichthyologists classified the juveniles of some angelfish species as distinct from the adults. One of the more common and hardy members of this genus is the Koran angelfish or semicircular angelfish
$59.99 $19.99

Bicolor Angelfish

Thought by many to be the most striking of the Centropyge group of dwarf or pygmy angelfish, the Bicolor Angelfish, also known as the Two-colored Angelfish or Oriole Angelfish, is a vibrant yellow on the anterior half of its body and a deep blue on the posterior half. A splash of deep blue extends upward vertically from the eye to the top of the head and the tail is yellow.
$39.99 $18.99

Regal Angelfish

With vivid vertical striations of blue, white, yellow, or orange on the body and pelvic fin, the Regal Angelfish deserves this distinctive name. Regal Angelfish from the Maldives and the Red Sea have a distinctive yellow breast, where their Indo-Pacific, Coral Sea, and Tahitian relatives normally have a blue/gray breast. This coloration is more prevalent in specimens that are more mature and are at least 4" in length. Juveniles will have a "False Eye Spot" on their dorsal fins that fades and the fish matures.
$99.99 $42.00

Rusty Angelfish

The Rusty Angelfish is aptly named for its predominate red or amber coloration punctuated with black dots that decrease in size from dorsal to anal and pelvic fins. The anal fin is dark and both the dorsal and anal fins are rimmed in bright, sapphire-blue.
$29.99 $15.99

Yellow Angelfish

The Yellow Angelfish from the Cook Islands is also known as the False Lemonpeel Angelfish, and is completely bright yellow in color. They resemble the Lemonpeel Angelfish with the exception of the blue markings around the eyes and the edges of the fins.
$29.99 $13.99

Bicolor Anthias

The Bicolor Anthias form massive schools among the reefs. The males have a more intense coloration with a violet body and yellow running along the back through the upper caudal lobe. The females tend to be lavender in color with a yellow back and caudal fin. The dorsal fin of the male is edged in purple, and the first ray is elongated. These are one of the hardier of the Anthias and make a wonderful addition to the saltwater reef or fish only aquarium.
$49.99 $19.99

Lyretail Anthias (Male)

The Lyretail Anthias is the social butterfly of marine aquariums. This eye-catching fish is incredibly active and helps draw out shier fish that share the aquarium. The Lyretail Anthias is also known as the Scalefin and the males have bright red coloration of varying hues while the female Lyretail Anthias tends to be more orange in coloration.
$32.99 $19.99

Dispar Anthias

The Dispar Anthias is commonly known as the Madder Seaperch. Males have a bright red dorsal fin and lack any red stripes on their tail. The female may display a yellowish-orange on the top and pale lavender to white on the underside.
$29.99 $15.99

Purple Queen Anthias

Pseudanthias tuka, is commonly found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Anthias are also commonly called Fairy Basslets in some parts of the country. Their gorgeous flowing fins no doubt inspired the Fairy reference and the Basslet portion of the name recognizes that they are the little cousins of Sea Basses and Groupers. Predominantly bright purple, this color is accentuated by an orange band that extends from the tip of the nose to the base of the pectoral fin. Because of their small size, they do not pose a threat to other fish and make wonderful reef inhabitants. A typical meal for an Anthias is comprised of zooplankton and small animals such as Brine Shrimp and copepods. In the wild, Anthias form large schooling groups on the reefs. A single male will claim part of the reef as his and fight off other males that try to invade. The other Anthias present are juveniles and females, which the male keeps a watchful eye on. For aquariums, the females should be introduced first and a male at a later date.
$25.99 $14.99

Fathead /Sunburst Anthias

The Fathead or Sunburst Anthiaslives either solitarily or in a small haremic group, mainly under overhangs or in caves. Another plus relative to its close relations is this species aquarium hardiness. Given some easy provisions, this can be a gorgeous addition to most any peaceful reef system.
$89.99 $56.00

Tiger Queen Anthias

The Lori's Anthias was identified just 25 years ago. Also known as the Queen Tiger or Tiger Queen Anthias, it is often found in the wild swimming in deep water with other Pseudanthias. We offer this species from the Cook Islands and Fiji only, as these fish are captured and handled properly. It is peach to orange in color, with broad darker stripes on the dorsal part of the body.
$25.48 $14.99

Randall Anthias ( Male )

Male Randall's Anthias' become striped in red and magenta while females will have a yellow nose. Randall's Anthias does best when kept in a species-specific tank of at least 70 gallons, or up a minimum of a 125 gallon aquarium when maintaining a small group. Males are best kept alone with several females, or singly. This Anthias dwells toward the bottom of the tank and appreciates the availability of several hiding places.
$59.99 $17.99

Red Saddled Anthias

The Red Saddled Anthias, along with the Central Pacific Anthias is a deepwater Anthias hailed as perhaps one of the "perfect fish" for reef aquaria by LiveAquaria.com Director Kevin Kohen! What makes the Red Saddled Anthias a highly desirable addition for the seasoned reef hobbyist is not only the striking multiple pink and yellow colorations but also its active nature, great personality and overall disinterest in corals, sessile invertebrates as well as dissimilar fishes. Due to limited harvest, isolated locales and extreme depth where they are most abundant, the Red Saddled Anthias is rarely seen in the aquarium trade, thus heightening the desirability of this jewel of the deep.
$69.99 $49.99

Blueface Angelfish

Referred to variously as the Blueface, Yellowface, or Yellowmask Angelfish, the adult and juvenile Blueface Angelfish differ markedly in coloration. As a juvenile, the body is covered with alternating vertical stripes of black, white, and sapphire blue. Upon growing to approximately five inches, the juvenile begins to morph into its adult coloration of pale yellow with bluish scales and a bright-yellow pectoral fin. It has a mottled-blue face with yellow mask that extends from eye to eye but not much beyond each eye. There is also an eyespot at the caudal end of the dorsal fin.
$199.99 $165.00

Bennett's Butterflyfish

The Bennett's Butterflyfish Chaetodon bennetti was described by Cuvier in 1831, and was first collected in Sumatra, Indonesia. They are found wide-spread throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans; East and South African coasts through oceanic islands, Sri Lanka, Christmas and Cocos-Keeling Islands, Southeast Asia, southern Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Palau, Great Barrier Reef, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Marianas, Gilberts, Marshalls, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Cooks, Societies, Marquesas and Rapa. "Friends of mine in Miyazaki, southern Japan catch many young to adult specimens of some 5-15cm long, especially from May to December. They can be seen all around the year...", Hiroyuki Tanaka
$74.95 $31.99

Blue Spot Butterflyfish

The Bluespot Butterfly, Chaetodon plebius, also known as the Blue-Blotch Butterflyfish and the Coral Butterflyfish. With its beautiful yellow body along with a blue spot, and a black stripe running through its eyes to aid to confuse from predators. Juveniles resemble adults but lack the blue patch on the sides of the body. This Butterflyfish makes a captivating addition to any tank.
$42.99 $17.99

Arc Eye Hawkfish

The Arc Eye Hawkfish, also known as Arc-Eyed Hawkfish, has an orange-colored body with a white horizontal bar on the back half. The operculum and eyes have the most distinctive markings, with an alternating blue and bright orange pattern. The Arc Eye Hawkfish has a horseshoe-shaped mark behind the eye that consists of three thin lines. There are three orange bands on a light blue area on the operculum. A white to pink stripe is often present along the lateral line on the rear of the fish. Each dorsal fin spine is tipped with cirrus.
$34.99 $11.99

Red Hawkfish

Red Hawkfish also known as the Soaring or the Swallowtail Hawkfish is well known for its mottled orange to red body and a lyre-shaped tail. The species sports numerous short filaments at the tip of each dorsal spine and has a greatly elongated first dorsal ray in between the dorsal fin, long lower pectoral rays and a lunate caudal fin with filamentous upper an lower rays. Varying from pink to brown in color, the Red Hawkfish differs from the other Australian species by its shorter snout and lunate caudal fin.
$24.99 $11.99

Spotted Hawkfish

The Pixy or the Coral Hawkfish is often sold as the Spotted Hawkfish instead of the Cirrhitichthys aprinus variety; this bluish white variety with red irregularly shaped spots on the body and head is also a very hardy aquarium fish like the other varieties of Hawkfishes and aggressive as well towards its other smaller tank mates. Other color variations of the Pixy Hawkfish comprise from pale with grey to black blotches to pink with bright red blotches to pale with horizontal rows of subquadrate dark brown spots. Carnivorous by nature, the Pixy or Spotted Hawkfish’s favorite food is the bottom-dwelling invertebrates and zooplankton.
$23.99 $11.99

Randall's Anthias (Female)

Living in the Central Pacific and Marshall Islands the Randall's Anthias is also called the Randall's Fairy Anthias and Randall's Fairy Basslet. Randall's Anthias, like most Anthias, are peaceful and can be kept with other peaceful community fish.The males coloration is brighter.
$49.99 $19.00

Clown Trigger

The Clown Triggerfish has a dramatic coloration, making this species a most sought after addition to the home aquarium. The Clown Triggerfish is found along the inner and outer portions of a reef in the wild, wherever shellfish and other invertebrates are found.
$149.99 $86.99

HumuHumu Picasso Trigger Fish

The Humu Picasso Triggerfish, also known as the Humuhumu Triggerfish or Picasso Triggerfish, has a wacky, painted appearance. It has a tan body with gradient dark bands, and vibrant blue and black stripes on the top of the head, with a yellow stripe from cheek to cheek and deeply set-back eyes.
$39.99 $15.00

Foxface Lo

The Foxface Lo, also known as the Foxface Rabbitfish, has a very unique body color. It has a mottled yellow-brown body with a dark chest. The face is very light in color and speckled on the lower half. They are a very hardy fish, and are great additions to the newly-established tank.
$69.99 $16.99

Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse

The Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse is also known as cleaner Wrasses, Bicolored Cleanerfish, Two-color Cleaner Wrasse, Two-color Cleanerfish, Two-colored Cleaner Wrasse, Two-colored Cleanerfish, Cleanerfish and Yellow Diesel Wrasse. This fish has been the focus of many research studies and are most commonly sold. The Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse forms a great symbiotic relationship with other reef fish by cleaning them of their unwanted parasites.
$34.49 $17.00

Eight lined Wrasse

The Eight Lined Wrasse is also known as Eightstripe Wrasse or Eightline Wrasse. As its name implies, it has eight, horizontal red stripes on a striking orange body. Its fins and tail are intricately detailed.
$39.99 $12.99

Blunthead Wrasse

The Blunthead Wrasse is a beautiful, multicolored wrasse easily identified by its distinct head shape. Unlike most wrasses, the Blunthead Wrasse has a conspicuously rounded or blunted head that is accentuated by its sleek, rod-shaped body. Similar to many wrasse species, the Blunthead Wrasse demonstrates dramatic color variation within individuals based on gender and age.
$49.99 $14.00

Six Line Wrasse

The Six Line Wrasse is also referred to Sixstripe Wrasse. It has six, horizontal distinctive blue lines lying against an orange background. The cheek is orange with numerous tiny yellow dots. The caudal fin and caudal peduncle are green. When courting, the male will display increased color intensity.
$24.99 $12.99

Lyretail Wrasse

The Lyretail Wrasse is also referred to as the Lunare Wrasse or Moon Wrasse. Juveniles are blue on the lower half of their body, with a black spot in the middle of the dorsal fin and a black blotch on the caudal fin base. As the fish matures, the black blotch will start turning into a yellow crescent. Their body will begin turning green with bright facial and fin markings.
$39.99 $11.99

Carpet Anemone

The True Carpet Anemone has a wavy appearance, and lives singly, in the shallow waters of the Central Pacific, Indo Pacific and Red Sea. Normally found on rocky reefs with soft muddy or sandy substrate it can attain a size of up to three feet in diameter. This anemone is also referred to as the Carpet Anemone, Gigantic Sea Anemone, or Giant Carpet Anemone. It has relatively short, tapered tentacles with a milder sting than its close relative Stichodactyla haddoni. The True Carpet Anemone and can be distinguished from Stichodactyla haddoni by the rows of spots on the underside of the oral disc which stop at the column.
$69.99 $39.99

Green Reef Chromis

The Green Chromis fish is an attractive small fish which is easily recognized by the iridescent green coloring over their entire body. There is a similar species called the Green Chromis which can be differentiated by a black spot at the base of the pectoral fins.
$4.99 $2.99

Clown Goby, Green

The Green Clown Goby, also known as the Earspot Coral Goby is common within the reefs of the Indo Pacific, found usually among soft and hard coral colonies. They are a small stocky shaped fish with a very large head for their size. There are many different color variations, and this species is a yellow to greenish-tan color with orange vertical stripes on its head. The Green Clown Goby are a peaceful fish that makes a wonderful addition to a reef aquarium containing colonies of polyp corals, as they enjoy swimming and hiding amongst the polyps.
$9.99 $4.99

Neon Goby

The Neon Goby is an attractive small slim fish. Being black with two iridescent blue stripes along the top of its body and a white belly, it is easily identified. They have a life span of about one to two years. The Neon Goby is ideal first fish for the new marine hobbyists as they will pick off parasites and dead tissue from other fishes. If you are looking for marine breed to try your hand at, the premier Neon Goby is a prime candidate. It has been tank-bred and reared in commercial quantities for years.
$29.99 $9.99

Banded Goby

The Banded Goby (Amblygobius phalaena) is a tropical fish species that belongs to the Gobiidae family. This species is best identified by the 5 white-edged grey body bars and the black spot on the first dorsal fin. The body can be white to pale yellow in colour however dark variations with brown colouration can be found.
$23.99 $13.00

Hector's Goby

Hector's Goby, also known as Hector's Hover Goby, has a bluish-black body with bright yellow horizontal stripes and an eyespot on the dorsal fin.
$21.99 $13.00

Panda Goby

The Panda Goby is usually found among the branches of Pocillopora coral colonies. They are a small stocky shaped fish with a very large head for their size, and are black, white and yellow in color.
$23.99 $16.00

Pink Spotted Watchman Goby

The Spotted Watchman Goby is also known as the Pink and Blue Spotted, Singapore Shrimp, Leptocephalus Prawn, or Watchman Spotted Goby. The head and body are yellow to tan with pink spots surrounded by smaller blue spots.
$21.99 $11.99

Orange Spotted Goby

The Orange Spotted Shrimp Goby, also known as the Spotted Prawn Goby or Orange Spotted Goby, was first discovered in the Western Pacific in 1938 by Flower. Its body is white with orange spots outlined in brown. It has the ability to form symbiotic partnerships with nearly blind alpheid shrimp. It provides a watchful eye while the shrimp digs a burrow for them to share.
$14.99 $8.00

Firefish Goby

The Firefish is one of the more popular fish in the marine hobby. It is a magnificent fish with brilliant coloration, a unique body shape, and unparalleled personality. Also known as the Firefish Goby, Fire Goby, and Magnificent or Fire Dartfish, Nemateleotris magnifica has a yellow head, white anterior, and pinkish to orange-red posterior.
$21.99 $13.00

Purple Firefish Goby

The Purple Firefish (Nemateleotris decora) is also known by various common names such as the Decorated Firefish and even the Fire Goby. The colors on this fish are simply amazing. Purple Firefish have a white or yellow body that fades to black towards a multi-colored caudal fin, and a purple face along with red/orange fins lined in streaks of black. This fish likes to hover in the water column just outside it's hang out or over the sandy substrate. While hovering they flick their dorsal and pectoral fins in unison, perhaps for stability. The Purple Firefish is considered a very good if not great beginner's fish because they are very hardy, should eat most fish foods offered, and should remain disease free if kept in optimal conditions. Just because they are listed as a "hardy" fish, doesn't mean that they can't or won't come down with a disease. Quarantine ALL new arrivals.
$23.99 $16.00

Golden Head Sleeper

The Golden Head Sleeper is known by many names including the Pennant Glider, Yellowheaded or Blueband, Bluestreak Goby. Its head is yellow-gold with a sapphire-blue stripe below the eyes, and the rest of the body is off-white. One of the most popular Sleeper Gobies kept in captivity, the Gold Head Sleeper Goby is quite amazing. With its pale metallic hue and its interesting habits, this fish can make a beautiful addition to many aquariums.
$24.99 $12.99

Diamond Watchman Goby

The Orange Diamond Goby is a cream/white colored fish with several lateral rows of orange spots along it's entire body. It also has several lateral rows of iridescent blue spots from the pectoral fins to the mouth. It's underside is a plain cream/white color.
$29.99 $19.00


The ORA® Captive-Bred Watchman Goby is also known as the Yellow Prawn Goby, or Yellow Shrimp Goby, was first discovered in 1936 by Herre. The head and body are yellow-orange with bright blue spots on the head and fins. The Watchman Goby wears an amusing perpetual frown, and likes to peek out from behind rocks. They have been known to form symbiotic relationships with snapping shrimp.
$19.99 $13.00

Purple Tilefish

The Purple Tilefish has an attractive solid lilac-purple body color with darker crimson-red markings highlighting a v-shape on the tail.
$69.99 $37.00


Two Spot Goby - Signigobius biocellatus: The Two Spot Goby is also referred to as the TwinSpot Goby, Signal Goby, or Crabeye Goby. The head and body are white splattered with orange markings. Its erect dorsal fins are distinctly marked by eyespots.
$23.99 $15.00

Bumble Bee Goby

The Bumblebee Goby is a small, relatively peaceful fish that does not tolerate intrusion into its territory. It features a long thin body that is black with yellow stripes.
$24.49 $17.00

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish

The Fuzzy dwarf lionfish is also known as shortfin lionfish or dwarf lionfish. It has red ,white and black vertical stripes along the body; large, fan like pectoral fins and tall quill like dorsal fins. These few characterstics it shares with Dwarf zebra lionfish.
$19.99 $11.99

Fu Manchu Lionfish

The Fu manchu lionfish is known as the Twinspot Lionfish, or Ocellated Lionfish, has red, white, and black vertical stripes along the body. It has large, fan-like pectoral fins, and tall, quill-like dorsal fins. It is unique from other Lionfish because of the two, feeler-like appendages on the chin.
$54.99 $19.00

Volitan Lionfish, Colored

The Volitan Lionfish is also known as the, Common Lionfish, Red Lionfish, Turkeyfish and Butterfly Cod. It’s coloration can vary depending on the age and maturity of the fish, displaying a red to burgundy, white, and brown to black vertical stripes along the length of the body. It also has large, fan-like pectoral fins, and tall, banded spines on the dorsal fin.
$39.99 $20.00

Radiata Lionfish

The Radiata Lionfish is not available in the shops as often as other lionfishes and because of this is more expensive and highly sought after by saltwater hobbyists. Radiata Lionfish are very similar looking to the Antennata Lionfish (Pterois antennata) but is distinguished by the horizontal lines on the caudal peduncle. Lionfish in general are usually fairly hardy but they do need excellent filtration and highly oxygenated water provided through the use of powerheads and airstones.
$49.99 $19.00

Dwarf/Zebra Lionfish

Dendrochirus zebra is known as the Zebra Lionfish or Dwarf Lionfish. It has red, white, and black vertical stripes along the body; large, fan-like pectoral fins; and tall, quill-like dorsal fins.
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Mombasa Lionfish

The Mombasa Lionfish is a welcomed member of the extremely popular Lionfish group of marine fish. This species is oftentimes confused for the Antennata or Spotfin Lionfish as the two are very similar in appearance. Mombasa Lionfish can be distinguished from Antennata Lionfish by their shorter pectoral fin filaments, larger eyes, unique barring pattern on the base of the tail, and lack of the series of dark spots on the pectoral fins. Just like its better-known cousin, the Mombasa Lionfish is a beautiful fish with unique pectoral fin filaments that resemble wings.
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Princess Parrotfish

The Princess Parrotfish is one of the most colourful fishes in the marine aquatic world. The body has a bright blue colour with bright pink or orange stripes running over the fins. Its face has dark blue or green stripes crisscrossing over the cheeks fro nose across the eyes.
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Red Parrot

The Red Parrot is sometimes referred to as the Blood Red Parrot and is the result of crossbreeding different Central American Cichlids. The body of this fish is round in shape with a beak-shaped nose. The color of these fish range from orange to red when mature. As a juvenile, they are dark in color, and they gain the red coloration as they mature.
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Bicolor Goatfish

The Bicolor Goatfish, is also referred to as the Dash and DotGoatfish , Half and Half Goatfish, and Swarthy-headed Goatfish. It has a burgundy anterior and yellow posterior divided by a white band. There is a black dot on the posterior portion and a pair of white stripes on the anterior portion giving it the name Dash and Dot Goatfish. Both head and tail also have blue markings. The Bicolor Goatfish like to graze all day long in reef-protected lagoons.
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Yellow Goatfish

The Yellow Goatfish is a stunning and very colorful goatfish. Yellow Goatfish have a long and slender body that is completely yellow with a blue line under their eye.
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Clown Goby, Brown

The Brown Clown Goby is common within the reefs of the Indo Pacific, found usually among soft and hard coral colonies. They are a small stocky shaped fish with a very large head for their size.
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The Arothron Dog Face Puffer, also known as the Blackspotted Puffer, gets its name from its resemblance to canines. It changes appearance during different stages of life. While in the gray phase, it is gray with black markings around the mouth, eyes, and dorsal fin. The pectoral fins have a yellow appearance. The half-yellow phase is denoted by a yellow underbelly and dark gray overcoat, while the face looks similar to the gray phase. It may also have black spots over the body, which may be gray or yellow. It very rarely changes phases while living in an aquarium.
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he Dogface Puffer also known as Arothron Dogface Puffer, Blackspotted Puffer is indeed a great addition to the fish only aquarium. The Dogface Puffer It is a medium maintenance fish. It may sometimes act semi-aggressively toward other fish. Its flesh is poisonous and it is not advisable for human consumption. The Dogface Puffer eats invertebrates for one specific reason, as it needs to keep its teeth worndown.
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Porcupine Puffer

The Porcupine Puffer is also known as the Porcupinefish or Porcupine Pufferfish. It has spiny appendages which cover most of its body, which may vary from light gray to mottled tans, sometimes with dark spots. Its teeth are actually a fused beak-like structure. The Porcupine Puffer lacks pelvic fins but has learned to use the pectoral fins to move about.
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The Skunk Tilefish originates from the deeper rubble zones of the Indo-Pacific, and is usually encountered swimming in pairs. They have an elongated, white body with a very striking red line that follows the lateral line of the fish. The body, fins and eyes also have a slight blue tint that further adds to the appeal of this species. It is a peaceful fish that will make a beautiful addition to any community aquarium.
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Spike-fin Goby (Isengrey)

The Griessingei Goby, originating from the reefs of Cebu, is a rare find in the industry. Smaller gobies, reaching a total length of 2 inches, their bodies are silver-white with black spots on the head and a distinct dark stripe on the belly with red finnage. The extreme anterior projection of the dorsal fin is eye catching. They are active and peaceful gobies that will make a wonderful addition to the saltwater reef or fish only aquarium.
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Pinktail Triggerfish

The Pinktail Trigger fish has a handsome emerald-green body and a bright pink tail. Yellow accents the body at the face and pectoral fins with darker flecks on the scales.
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Blue Starfish

The Blue Linckia Sea Star is certain to be the shining star for the dedicated reef aquarium enthusiast. The unusual blue color of this sea star is truly remarkable and this standout color makes the Blue Linckia Sea Star a beautiful focal point. Its bright blue body may sometimes be embellished with red or purplish spots. The Blue Linckia Sea Star is also known as the Comet Sea Star, Blue Sea Star, or Blue Starfish.
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Tile Sea Star, Orange/Red

The Tile Sea Star, or Marble Starfish, is one of the more common of the Fromia species, its coloration making it one of the more striking of all the sea stars. Its central disc will have an orange to deep red color, while its arms have cream-colored spots with a red edging.
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Orange Banded Goby

The Red Banded Snapping Shrimp and its cousins all have a unique left pincher. The pincher is modified to produce a loud sound and stream of water whenever it is opened or closed. In the aquarium, it sounds like a loud clicking noise.
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Ornate Butterflyfish

The Ornate Butterflyfish is a truly stunning butterfly. Ornate Butterflyfish have a mostly white body with strong yellow to orange diagonal yellow stripes. Ornate Butterflies also have strong black vertical stripes over their face.
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Black & White Heniochus

The Heniochus Butterflyfish is one of the most popular fish in the aquarium trade. With its stunning black and white coloration and long white dorsal fin, the Heniochus Butterfly is truly unique.
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Masked Swallowtail Angelfish (Female)

The Masked Swallowtail Angelfish is also known as the Japanese Angelfish and reside in the northwest Pacific Ocean from southern Japan to the Philippines. They inhabit rocky reefs and are often seen in small groups or harems consisting of one male and several females.
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Masked Swallowtail Angelfish ( Male )

The Masked Swallowtail Angelfish is a very rare and desirable angelfish. It is found in the Pacific Ocean mostly around Japan, and hardly is available in the aquarium trade.
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Yellow tail Poma - Adult

The Bluespotted Angelfish, also known as the Blue-spangled Angelfish, is blue to yellow-brown and covered with small blue dots. It has a bright yellow tail.
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Shepardi Angelfish

The Shepardi Angelfish is rarely imported, mainly because it is only found near the Mariana and Ogasawara Islands.
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Bicolor Blenny

The Bicolor Blenny is also known as the Two-colored Blenny. The Bicolor is so-named because the anterior half is blue to dull brown, and the posterior half is dull orange. Males are generally larger than females and experience a succession of color changes, including blue, when breeding. These Blennies exhibit great personality in the aquarium.
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Forktail Blenny

The Forktail Blenny, also known as the Lyretail Fang Blenny or Yellowtail Fang Blenny, has a caudal fin that resembles a fork, with two long exterior spines and five much shorter middle spines. The body is a pale blue that runs like watercolor into a bluish-yellow at the tail. Males are generally larger than females and experience a succession of color changes when breeding.
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Green Mandarin

The head and body of the Green Mandarin, also known as the Striped Mandarinfish or Green Mandarinfish, are a mazelike combination of blue, orange, and green. Males may be distinguished from females by their more-elongated first dorsal spine.
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Spotted Mandarin

The Spotted Mandarinfish, also referred to as the Spotted Mandarin, Psychedelic Mandarinfish or Picture Dragonet, was first found in the Western Pacific Ocean in 1976 by Peters. The head, fins, and body are a psychedelic combination of blue, orange, and black spots on a green base.
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Salarias Blenny

The Sailfin Algae Blenny is a very useful and interesting blenny. Sailfin Algae Blennies have long bodies that are mostly tan with various spots and vertical dark brown stripes.
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Scooter Blenny

The Scooter Blenny is also known as Scooter Dragonet or Ocellated Dragonet. It has a mottled brown and white body with red highlights. The male usually has brighter colors and a larger first dorsal fin.
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Red Scooter Dragonet

The Red Scooter Blenny is actually classed as a Dragonet, which also includes the ever popular Green and Spotted Mandarin Goby. The Red Scooter blenny is the same as the regular Scooter Blenny but has a reddish brown coloration instead of the normal duller brown patterns.
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Stripe Blenny

The Striped Fang Blenny is also referred to as Gammistes Blenny, Striped Blenny, or Striped Poison-Fang Blenny. It has alternating black and yellow stripes that run the entire length of the body.It tends to do well in an aquarium if housed in a 30 gallon or larger aquarium with live rock.
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Starry Blenny

The Starry Blenny is also referred to as Snowflake Blenny. Its body is a mottled dark brown with white dots and its pectoral and tail fins are yellow.
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Jawfish, Blue Dot

The Bluespotted Jawfish is an extremely attractive fish. Its head is yellowish brown which gradually blends into a darker, almost black body. The long dorsal fin is yellow and the body is covered with large bright blue spots. There is a wide variance between specimens in how dark the body is. It is a very personable fish which often becomes the favorite of the hobbyists who keep it.
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The Boxfish is also referred to as the Spotted Boxfish, Blue Boxfish, Black Boxfish, or Whitespotted Boxfish. The various names are due to the dimorphic appearance of the male and female. The male is the more colorful of the two, with a vibrant blue body and a wide black swath covering the top of the body like a cap. The entire body is speckled with dots, white on black and black on blue while a thin horizontal stripe of orange adorns the tail. The female is entirely black with white dots.
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Longhorn Cowfish

The Longhorn Cowfish inhabit the reefs of the Indo-Pacific, usually in the less turbid waters. The body is tan to yellow and covered with white and blue dots, and is occasionally referred to as the Yellow Boxfish; however, the Longhorn is not to be confused with Ostracion cubicus, commonly called the Yellow or Polka Dot Boxfish. In the wild, it is not uncommon to see a 20" specimen, while in the aquarium the Longhorn Cowfish tends to be dramatically smaller - 16" or less.
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Camel Cowfish

eferred to by many names, including Helmet Cowfish, Thornback, Thornbacked Boxfish, Cowfish Helmet, and Hovercraft Boxfish, the Camel Cowfish requires the care of an experienced aquarist. The Camel Cowfish has a rather drab, pale tan body with random blotches of blue and occasional black dots. The eyes are large and blue.
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Yellow Polka dot Boxfish

Having an odd carton-like shape, the cubicus boxfish is enclosed inside rigid fused scales that act like a coat of armor. This shell only has openings for the mouth, eyes, gills, and tail. The bright colors and spots of this boxfish are warning coloration or colors and patterns that alert other animals it is poisonous. As the cubicus boxfish grows to its maximum length of 18 inches (45 cm) it takes on a blue metallic coloring.
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